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September 5, 2012
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Male!Belarus x Reader


You shifted in the bed,eyes still closed trying to fall back asleep. When you realised that you couldn't sleep you reached at your right with your arm,in order to switch on the lamp that was on your beside table.
Though there was no lamp. You opened your eyes confused finding out that the lights in the room were off,with a little amount of light that filtered from under the door illuminating a bit the things in the room. When your eyes adjusted at the dark you looked around yourself not recognizing your surroundings.
You were growing confuser second by second and on the edge of freaking out,but you managed to keep calm and forced yourself to think straight. Then you remembered: you were stressed from your work and you went on holyday,no-one knew where you were and you switched off your cellphone so no-one could bother you. You were just arrived at your hotel,(e/c) sparkling "Aahhh! One week all by myself,just relax and nothing that will bother me" you said smiling. You remembered you went to sleep that day and now you were here,in an unknown dark place. You started to get out off the bed when someone spoke "I see you are finally awake. Good. " You jumped on your feet,scared from the low,cold voice.
You whipped your head from side to side,trying to find the source of the voice " Who is here!?" you screamed. Nikolai, the personification of Belarus, switched on the light. You looked at him confused,you only talked to the silver haired man once and it was to ask him what time it was " What the hell is this Nikolai!? Where am I !?" He didn't reply,he just walked up to you and stared in your eyes,his dark blue orbs boring in your (e/c) ones. You flinched back and nevously started playing with the hem of your shirt. Thanks to God,you at least were in your clothes.
Nikolai examined you: beautiful and sparkling (e/c) eyes,that now had a glint of fear in them,shiny (e/c) hairs  that looked soft like feathers and smelled like the sweetest of the flowers. He had loved you for a while,after giving up on  his big sister Anya,and took an interest in you. Your sweet smile,your kind attitude,you were always so gentle to everyone,he thought that you could love him,so he took you,and he wasn't going to let you go. " What are you staring at?" you asked,hearing your sweet voice he grabbed your face with his gloved hands "You are mine now (name) and you will stay with me" your eyes widened and you screamed "What are you talking about!? Let me free dammit! I don't want to stay with you!" his face darkened and he pressed a knife to your neck "I said you are going to stay with me. Whether you want it or not " he scanned every word so you could understand him.
You stared at the knife pressed dangerously to your neck trembling as Nikolai watched your (e/c) pools now filled with utter fear. " O-okay, I-I see,I will stay with you Nikolai" he smirked at you "Good girl" he murmured before roughly pressing his lips to yours. Your eyes widened at his action,you wanted to push him back or struggle,but you couldn't with the threatening blade of the knife pressed to your flesh. The kiss was forceful and,seeing that you didn't respond, Nikolai growled and bit your lip drawing some blood. You yelped and reluctantly opened your mouth feeling his tongue slipping in.
You felt tears rolling down your cheeks. You two kissed for some minutes before he pulled back smirking and panting heavly weakening his hold on you and pulling back the knife too. "You are my love,my only love (name) and I won't let you go away from me,no matter what" you just sat there crying as he left the room before locking the door behind him. He leaned on the door "No matter what..." he said before going to the kitchen to make breakfast.
The next morning Nikolai waked you up "(name) wake up" You lightly opened your eyes "You need to eat something" he said. You slept the all the past day trying to regain your force as your nerves were broken for what happened. You sat up on the bed looking at him blankly "Why should I? What do you  care?" you replied. It wasn't that you weren't hungry,you were starving,you just didn't want to eat. Nikolai's face hardened " If you don't eat you'll get sick,and I care cause I love you" he said that again,you didn't trust him one bit but he had a point,you didn't want to get sick so you accepted the food and ate silently while he whatched you. "Why don't you let me free?" you whispered,he sighed slightly annoyed "I love you and if I let you free you'll run away from me,I don't want you to do this" "You love me..." you whispered looking down "Yes,I love you" he repeated. You couln't take it anymore "NO! No you don't love me! Yours is just obsession,let me free!"you shouted. He was startled from your sudden outburst but his face retured soon at its blank expression,that now was a bit angrier " I'll close one eye cause you are probabily stressed and all,but you won't dare to speak to me in that way anymore" he growled,you didn't listen to him and continued screaming " You are just a bastard! And a sick one! I understand why no-one want to be your frien-AH!" he slapped you across the face "I didn't want to do such a thing,but you made me,do you understand?" he growled. You didn't respond,instead you held your now red cheek crying angrily. He felt guilty and leaned forward to kiss you on the forehead whisperind an apology,he then left the room and you stayed there crying "I just wanna go home..." you whimpered and then you fell asleep again.
You didn't know for how long you were trapped in Belarus' house,you assumed it was nearly a week. The first two day you were being cold toward him and tried always to escape,but everytime you did he beated you,so you forced yourself to behave and accept his touch. Truth to be told you slightly enjoyed when he hugged you or stroked you,you sure were furious but it felt a bit comforting. You hated when he got fiesty,kissing you roughly and biting your flesh. One day you were watching a film with him,you both were curled on the couch,Nikolai stroked your (h/c) hair holding your head down on his shoulder. After a while he fell asleep,you,seeing this as a chance to escape from this hell,slipped one hand into his poket,moving carefully in order to not waking him up. You felt happy when you successfully took the key from his poket and carefully got up from the couch,you then walked to the front door and slipped the key in the lock with trembling hands. The lock was quite old and rusty so it was difficult for you to open,you were about to unlock the door when you felt a pair of hands grabbing your arms and slamming you to the door,a jolt of pain got through you as you beated your head on the hard wood.
Belarus looked into your (e/c) eyes with furious dark blue ones "What were you doing?" he growled. You were pissed off,you couldn't stand trapped in one house,with some man who doesn't want to let you out. You wanted your freedom. You gritted you teeth " I was trying to get the hell out of here!" you shouted shoving him back. He stumbled on his feet soon catching his balance and shooting a glare at you "Why do you keep being like this?" he said. You clenched your fists: this was too much! "Why do I keep being like this!? I just want my freedom! I want come back home! I WANT TO STAY AWAY FROM YOU NIKOLAI!!" you shouted angrily "But why!? I love you (name)! I just-" "NO! NO NO! You don't love me! When you love someone you let them free,you want them to be happy,you let them take their own decision! You don't love me Nikolai,you are just a sick monster who doesn't know what love is! No-one will ever love you cause you are too blind to see over your own desires!" You screamed that words,assuring to fill with venom everyone of them. Nikolai stared at you speechless befor looking down. He clenched his fists and then fell on his knees onto the floor crying. He covered his face with is hands "I'm sorry! I are always so kind to everyone! I thought...that could have loved someone like me! I never felt loved,all peoples treat me like a monster! I just...I wanted...I wanted to feel loved..." he said between sobs.
You looked at Nikolai kneeling down and crying himself out. You felt pity for him,everyone deserve to be loved,no matter what. You walked up to the still crying boy and kneeled down in front of him. You placed a hand on his cheek making him look up at you " You don't need to cry...I didn't know you felt like this..." you said softly hugging him,he gasped at your actiond but didn't move,scared that,if he moved,you would leave him. "Everyone deserve to be loved...I'm sorry for all the pain you go through everyday...but " you held him a bit more tightly " If you only...if you only were nicer...then people would want to be friends with you,you could feel loved,you could feel happy" he looked at you through teary eyes as you stroked his silver hair with one hand,holding him to you with the other " It's not difficult Nikolai,you just have to think how to make people happy" he gulped and then murmured " You think I can do it? Even if I'm alone?" You smiled sweetly at him " You are not alone,I am here with you,I will help you,I promise" you hugged him again and he whispered "Thanks (name)..."
The next day you were at the world meeting,your friends asked you how it went on your little journey when Nikolai entered the room and all fell silent. You smiled and went over to him greeting him "Hello Nik!" Your friends were looking at you like you were crazy. You grabbed Nikolai's hand and then speak to everyone in the room "Belarus wanted to say he is sorry for his behavior,he didn't want to be mean with us,and he promises that he will be nicer from now on! Right Nik?" You nunged him and he murmured a 'Yes' then the meeting started and you all took a seat.
It took a while but finally everyone were no more scared from Nik. He had a lot of friends and he looked happy like never before. You even took a liking in him and you two started to date,he asked you to be his girlfriend which you of course agreed. You were now watching him talk with England,the two of them were laughing and you smiled "It was all about being more nicer" you said to yourself.
Ooookay! We go with this,I wanted to write a story with him,and now i did it,enjoy!

I'm sorry if my english is bad and for any errors *bows*

I found the picture on google

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I would never say anything like that to Belarus!!! DX
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It was good, but I notice that the ending was a bit rushed.
AuraPhoenixx Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It was good, but you need to work on your spelling and grammar.
MollyBeilschimdt Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
I. LOVE. DIS. :D ;)
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AAAWWW!!! This is just about the cutest thing I have read! :D Great job!
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That's such an awesome story!!!! And I'm glad that everything worked out in the end for Nikolai. ^^
AkasunaYuki3 Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
Don't ask why but if he had kidnapped me I think I would have stayed with him no matter how he acted 
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