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Well,ehm,there is a bit of language here and I didn't if I should put that warning things,so that's it. Enjoy!

Romania x Reader

You were currently talking with Italy and Germany about your older sister,Hungary. You were (name) Hedervary,the personification of Budapest.

And this was her birthday party,you watched with (e/c) eyes as she greeted some of her friends,but you were distracted by Italy
"Ve~ I'm very happy for Miss Hungary! She's such a beautiful and kind girl!"
"Ja,she really is,she even helped me to handle you,Italy" agreed Germany "You are lucky to have a sister like her" the German said looking down at you.
You smiled at him "Yes,I know I am,I love my big sister".

It was always like this,people talking at you,saying how amazing and perfect and beautiful your sister was,and you would always reply by saiyng that yes,she was.
The three of you were still talking,when Elizabeth called everyone
"Come on guys! It's time to open the presents!"
All the countries crowded around her as Germany said "Shall we go?"

You and Italy nodded and,while you were going to your sister,you saw a boy with strawberry blond hair and red eyes looking at Hungary with a smirk on his face,he wore a long deep-red trench coat with a matching little hat on his head.'oh I never saw him before,maybe he's a new country?' You stared at him with curious eyes,the guy noticed this and looked at you with a genuine smile,taking off the little red hat on his head and bowing slightly.
You giggled at his action and then went to your sister,who was calling you.

"Aaaaw Roddie! Thanks! It's beautiful!" Elizabeth said while looking at a silver necklace. It had a pendant with the shape of a swan,the wings were set with diamonds and the eye was replaced by a sapphire.
The brown haired girl got up from her sit to go and hug tightly her boyfriend,green eyes shimmering with happiness. "I'm glad that you like it" said Austria hugging her back before placing a kiss on her forehead.

'They look so happy...' you thought while watching the two of them,you snapped back from your staring when your sister exclaimed "Time for the next one!" She sit back on her chair,in the center of the room,everyone looking at her. She looked like a queen,with her king standing beside her and her servant,you,picking the presents from the table they were placed on.

You took a big bright red box from the table,it was surprisingly light for its weight,however,you handed the box to your sister,who examined it curiously.

"There's no name...who is this from?" She looked at her friends who shook their heads.
Then she shrugged and opened the box "Let's see what...uh?"
There was a small note in the box,only that.
At this point everyone were curious,you too,to know what was that note
"Come on,love,what does it say?" asked England.
Hungary looked better at the note "It says...look up? What?" she said confused as she raised her head to look up,and then a large bucket full of honey appeard from nowhere above her head and covered her in the sweet viscous substance.

She screamed in surprise and anger as she looked at herself,her cute little red dress was ruined along with her hair,that now were heavy and sticky.

Your sister,your beautiful,kind,lovable sister,was now covered in honey,yelling and freaking out.
You stood there,with your own (f/c) strapless dress,looking shocked at your sister,not able to say a word,you just wanted to find the delinquent who did that to Hungary and...

congratulate them

The truth was that you hated your older sister,she was always so perfect in everything,everyone loved her,she was better than you in everything:if you could sing,she singed better;if you could draw,she drew better;if you could dance,she danced better,her green eyes always shone more brightly than your (e/c) ones,her long brown hair always was softer than your (h/c) hair,all your friends knew you because of her,she didn't let you go anywhere without her,despite they were your friends,they'd always say how perfect she was and compare you with her,and that drove you mad,you would never be able to be better than your sister,you where  overwhelmed by her perfection,and you hated this,you hated her.

You were about to burst out laughing but quickly slapped your hand over your mouth to cover the snickers that were coming out of it.
You then saw someone else snickering,trying to hold back the laughter:it was the boy. The boy with the red hat who looked at you before.

You walked to him with a smile on your lips "Well well well,what do we have here? A pranker mh?"
He flashed you a playful smile,and mocked you "Well well well,what do we have here? A really beautiful lass I see~"
You scoffed at him despite the light blush covering your cheeks "I have to congratulate with you,that was the funniest thing I have ever see,what's your name boy?" He smirked at you "My name is Vladimir,and I am the country of Romania" he said bowing deeply,he looked up at you "And may I know your name Miss?" you giggled "My name is (name) Hedervary,nice to meet you Vladimir"
The blond boy strightened up and took your hand kissing the back of it "A beautiful princess like you can call me Vlad,however...did you say Hedervary?" The blush on your face returned,deeper than before,though you nodded and replied "Y-yes,I'm Elizabeth younger sister"
Vladimir frowned lightly than said "How could you,so beautiful and nice,be the sister of that jittery hag" You laughed a bit at this and were about to ask him why you two never talked before when you heard Hungary yell "YOU!"

Unfotunately she spotted Romania and now she wanted nothing but beat the heck out of him.
You looked at her wide eyed "Oh crap! Vlad,go in the kitchen,there's a door that lead on our back garden,you can run away from there!" You pushed him lightly while saying this,he laughed and bent down to kiss your cheek,your face immediatly warmed and he whispered in your hear "We will see again,my princess" then he ran to the kitchen and in your back garden,disappearing in the dark.

"(name)! Why did you let him go?!" shouted your sister,you just gave her an annoyed glare,which she didn't even notice,and muttered "I'm going to bed,I'm tired",you went upstairs hearing all the loud annoying noises that Elizabeth was making "Just shut up,dammit" you hissed under your breath.

You entered your room and took off your shoes sighing in delight,that stupid high heel that Hungary bought for you were freaking hurting! You told her that you wanted to wear some jeans and a t-shirt but no! She HAD to make you wear that tight little (f/c) dress and put on that stupid black stilettos,making you feel like a whore! At times like this and when she didn't let you go outside you wondered if she cared about you and what you wanted.You scoffed 'of course no,she only cares about herself...'

Needless to say that you were tired and frustrated,and you even had a bit of headache for all your stupid sister's screaming.You quickly changed in you pajama and threw yourself on the bed.
You curled on the soft sheet,(e/c) eyes dark and sad 'I wonder when I'll be able to be free...'


You shot up from your bed when you heard a tapping sound on your window

Tap tap tap

You looked at it with suspicious eyes before you slowly approached the window.

Tap tap tap tap tap

The sounds were more frantic now,you grabbed the tends,frowning,you gulped and then opened your window,revealing a smirking Romanian on the other side of the glass.
Your eyes widened and you shrieked stumbling on the floor,Vladimir laughed and entered your room.

"Hahaha! You should see your face princess! It's priceless" he said extending his arm for you to take. You pouted but grabbed his hand,making him grin as he helped you up.
You looked at him still frowning and he gave you a confused look "What? I told you that we'd meet again,didn't I?" he asked with a small smile
"Yes you did,but you didn't say that you would have enterded through my window,then again,how the fuck did you do?! This is the second floor!"
He laughed "My my,a princess shouldn't talk like that,and,to answer your question,I flew to reach your window" You gave him a look,yes you knew that were people like England who have a thing for magic,but you didn't think it would actually work "I don't believe you" you said him,he smirked "Then tell me how I manifested a bucket full of honey on your sister's head?" he said smugly. But you were stubborn,you didn't believe in things like magic and spells "Still,I don't believe you,magic doesn't exist" he sighed and then,from nowhere,a boquet of white lilies and blue roses appeared in is hands.

You stood there,mouth agape,staring at him,he smirked at you "Well? Do you believe me now?" and the flowers disappeared.
"...Okay...I believe you..." you said pouting,he grinned,but then something came at your mind "Why are you here,Vlad?" he looked at you and then exclaimed "Oh! Right! I didn't get to tell you that I enjoyed myself tonight,my little princess" he smiled at you and you blushed "Ehy,can you stop this princess thing? I have a name,and it's (name)"
He closed his eyes with a smile "Yes,you already told me,but,despite how beautiful your name his,I think that princess fits you better,(name)"
You smiled at him,it was a romantic thing,embarassing as hell,but still sweet and romantic.
Vladimir opened his eyes sighing "It seems like it's time for me to go home" he said going to the windows,he looked at you over his shoulder,his usual smirk still in place "Good night princess (name)" and with that he jumped out,you ran to your window to look at him one more time but he wasn't there anymore.
You looked outside some moments before closing your window and go to bed for some well deserved sleep.

The next day woke up,you took a shower and get dressed,then you went downstairs,in the kitchen,where you found that the breakfast was done and that Elizabeth was still cooking " 'morning" you greeted,he turned at you and gave you a cheerful smile "Good morning sweetie! The bacon is almost done,you can sit and eat though!" you looked at her,she was always like this,cheerful and loud,and trying to make you happy,if she only know what you thought of half-smiled while thinking this and sit on your chair.

Elizabeth sit across from you still smiling "Well,let's eat shall we?" there was everything on that table: bacon,eggs,toast,marmelade and jam of all types,coffe,milk,tea,juices,and yogurt,coockies and butter,and of course a lot of fruit,you wondered why she kept cooking all this much when she knew that you would eat just an apple and a bowl of cereals and milk,and so you did,you bit your apple looking at her,she was quite with a thoughtful expression on her face,it was weird,she would usually talk to you of a lot of things that you really didn't care about,but not this morning.You put your apple down "Eli,is there something wrong?" she looked at you,wondering wether tell you or not,and finally spoke "You need to stay away from that guy" she wore a serious expression,and you asked her,confused "Which guy?" "Romania,he's no good for you,you can't talk with him (name)" you stared at her wide eyed,she couldn't tell you what you could do or not! "You can't do this! He's my friend!" "(name) dear,I'm doing this for you,he's not good,he will hurt you" you sit there,mouth agape,not knowing what to say,it was simply...unthikable.
You closed your mouth and gritted your teeth,and got up. "I'm going out" you hissed under your breath "Going? Where are you going (name)?" "It's none of your fucking business!" and with that you went out.

You ran and ran trying to calm yourself down,you stopped when you felt that your legs where hurting,the muscles burning,you were panting heavily,and,when you lifted your head,you realised that you were in the park,so you decided to sit on a bench for a while and recollect your strenght.
While you were sit,you took the chance to think 'Why? Why is she always like this? She always tells me what to do,where to go,who to talk to,I can't never,NEVER even think of doing something by myself,it's ridicolous!' You then thought at Vlad,he was the very first friend that you meet by yourself,he was funny,romantic,somewhat mischievous,but always sweet.

"Vlad..." you whispered,then suddently a boquet of bright yellow flowers appeared in front of you,you looked up and saw Vladimir smiling brightly at you
"Did you call princess?" you just stared at him with an amazed face
"Princess? Is there anything wrong?" He titled his head and you burst out laughing,you laughed and laughed,while Romania stood there with a dumbfounded expression. When you calmed down he smirked and asked "May I know why you where laughing so hard my princess?" you looked up at him,his beautiful,deep red eyes,that soft strawberry blond hair,that tiny cute hat on his head,you hated to admit,but you thought that you liked him. A lot. Finally you answered "I was laughing cause...I was thinking about you,and POP! You appeared" you smiled and he replied your smile "Maybe the destiny is trying to say something to us" he whispered. You blushed deep red "Or maybe you are just a creepy stalker and you are,well,stalking me" It was time for him to laugh "Maybe,princes,maybe" you gave him a playful shove and he laughed again.

"Hey,if you want we can go to eat,there is a place that I know where they do some delicious pancakes" Vladimir said,his red eyes sparkling as he looked in your (e/c) ones "Yes! Thanks Vlad,I'm starving here" you laughed.

You went to the cafe where you both oredered pancakes then the Romanian man asked "Tell me,princess,how is being Hungary's little sister?" you thought a while before answering "It's...awful..." he looked at you with questioning eyes,but you didn't want to look at him "I'm...I'm always hidden by her shadow...she's what I will never be,the perfection,she's better than me in everything,and everyone loves her...Moreover she is always telling me what to do and planning my life,taking me caged in,I'm not able to do anything...I'm sick off this..." you trailed off,your (e/c) looking down. Romania looked at you with a sad expression. He leaned over the table and took your chin with one hand,he lifted up your face to make you look at him,and then he smiled softly "I think you are much better than your sister,you are beautiful,and funny,and you  must be amazingly strong and patient if you are able to tolerate her!" you looked at him,and then laughed,he smiled brightly,happy for making you laugh. 'God,we've know each other for only two days,how can he know me so well?' you thought still smiling and looking at him. He smiled at you,but then his expression turned serious,he took your hand and squeezed it "Listen,you are the most beautiful,nice,funny girl I have ever known,I don't want hear that your sister is better than you anymore,got it? You are awesome,don't let anyone make you think otherwise"

you looked at him smiling "Yes...I-I'll try,thanks Vlad" you said.
For the rest of the day you two stayed together,you went to the park and to the zoo and at about seven in the evening he walked you home. "I really had fun Vladimir,thanks,you are absolutely the best" he grinned "Anything for my beloved princess,if you need me,you just have to call" he said,you looked at him playfully "Oh? And how do I call you? You'll send me a fairy to deliver your messages?" he smirked at you "It would be a good idea,but I think I'll just give you my number" you laughed as he handed you a piece of paper with his number written on it "Remember,if you need me..." he trailed off and gestured to the piece of paper,you smiled "I will call you,Vlad,don't worry" he grinned again,then he leaned down and kissed your cheek,you blushed and shoved me "W-well,now it's better if you go...see ya" you said entering your house,you glanced over your shoulder and you saw him smiling and waving at you. You sighed 'Man...he is really special'.

You enterd your house and took off your jacket,tossing it on the couch in the living room,you passed  past the kitchen to go to your room "Where did you go?" you stopped in your track and turned your head,you saw Elizabeth sitting at the kitchen table looking sternly at you,you glared at her with your (e/c) eyes "I said I was going out,didn't I?" she looked at you and got up from her chair "I want to know where did you go and who you met" she said,her green eyes darkening. You scoffed at her "It's none of you business,I'm going in my room" you said turning away,you really didn't feel like discussing,but Hungary thought otherwise: she grabbed your harm and growled "I'm your sister,I'm the one who takes care of you,I have the right to know what you do!" you also growled and freed your arm from her hold "What do you care!? You always tell me what to do,and I'm sick of it!" you shouted and then you run to your room,you looked your door and threw yourself on your bed "Damn her,damn al of this! I hate my life!" you screamed in your pillow,hot tears of anger rolling down your cheeks.
You wept angrly for a while,then you got off your bed and wiped your face with your arm.

You were sick of that,of her,of your current life,and there was only one person who could make you fell better.


You started to pack some of your clothes and other things in your backpack and then you called Vladimir. After a while he picked up the thelephon and answered "Hello?" "Vlad,it's me (name)" his eyes shined upon hearing your voice "(name)! Oh my princess,is that anything that I can do for you?" you smiled a bit,he was so kind and sweet,but now there was something important to do.Something drastic "Vlad I need to stay at your home for a while" you got him off of guard with that,and he frowned at your serious tone,his own voice now lowering "(name) what happened? Are you okay?" you sighed,nothing was okay,you hated your life,your nerves were broken. You wanted a break from all this and you called him hoping that he could help you "(name)?" You were so deep your thoughts that his voice startled you "Uh,yes,I'm okay,I suppose...I just want to stay at your house so I can recover myself from my stupid you think I can stay with you?" he didn't answer immiedatly,he was thinking of the good and bad sides of your decision: he sure would be happy to stay with you,and if it made you feel better then there was no problem,but Elizabeth would surely be contrary,then again,it was her fault if you felt bad... "...Okay" you widened your eyes "What?" "Okay,you can stay with me" you stood there dumbfounded,it was true you asked him to stay at his house,but you knew it was a crazy idea,you didn't think he would have accepted,you smiled "Thanks Vladimir,you really don't know how much I owe you" he smiled "I owe me nothing,as I said,I'll do anything for my beloved princess,I'll be there in no time,wait for me" and he hung up.

That was done,now it came the difficult part: you had to say it to Elizabeth.

You didn't want to do that alone,so,you stayed in your room,looking out the window,waiting for Vladimir. When you saw the Romanian boy you exited your room and made your way downstairs. You found your sister standing in the living-room with an angry look and a worried Romania behind her "What is he doing here?" you looked at her not saying a word. Tension filled the air as you walked past her,going to Vladimir and taking his hand with a tight grip.
"I'm leaving" you said. There was a heavy silence and then Hungary spoke "I won't let you go,especially not with him" she said shooting a disgusted glance at Romania. Your (e/c) eyes hardened as you defended the boy "Don't speak at him that way,it's not his fault,I asked him if I could stay with him,he's helping me,I hate you,I don't want to see you anymore" she looked at you with shocked green eyes as Vladimir looked at you with worried red ones. You continued "I'm tired of you commanding me,so I'm leaving with Romania,he is the only one who understands me and truly likes me" Hungary closed her eyes "Is that really what you want?" you turned angy "What do you care? You didn't ever bother to ask me what I wanted" you spatted. She flinched and turned away "Then you can go...but you will regret it" you shook your head "I don't think so"

You were gone for about three weeks and you didn't miss your sister at all,instead you became even more fond on Vladimir,you knew you liked him,but this was something totally different,everytime you saw him your heart would start beating extremely fast and you felt butterflies in your stomach,you couldn't stop thinking about him and you always smiled when you were with him.

'So this is what they call love eh?' you thought smiling softly as you made dinner for Vladimir. It was like being married: he would leave at morning to go to work and you would take care of the house and cook,best of all,he was always sweet and kind with you,and sometimes he would bring you a boquet of flowers.Sometimes you thought if he loved you too,but you never asked him for the fear to be rejected. "(naaaaaame)! I'm hooooome!" he exclaimed as he entered the house. You giggled,you loved his cheery attitude,funny that you hated it in Hungary,but with him was different,he made you truly happy. "I'm in the kitchen!" you said,this was a usual rite for you,but,you didn't know,this time was going to be different.

Vladimir strolled in the kitchen and towards you and sneaked his arms around your waist pulling you into his chest. You tensed up and blushed bright red as he dug his face in the crook of your neck inhaling deeply "Mmmmh...What is this wonderful scent?" you were confused as hell,and a billion of thought were passing your mind,but you managed to stutter "S-ste-steak...". Romania smirked,you could feel his mouth on your neck "I was talking about you princess" he said lowly.
You gulped ' God damn it,what's happening? What do I do? WHAT IS HE DOING? Shit,I can't even think properly' while you were occupied of thinking at something smart to do or say Vladimir started kissing up and down your neck. At that point you whipped around only to find yourself face to face to his chest. You looked up at him with a nervous look,your face completely red.
He snickered "You are so cute when you blush like that princess..." he murmured as he dug his face in your neck once more 'Why the heck he likes my neck so much?' was your smart thought and a strange sounding "uh" your even smarter reply. He chuckled deeply sending chills down your spine "Is my princess nervous?" he asked "" 'Think of something dammit!' "Vladimir,what are you doing?" he straightened up and looked in your (e/c) eyes with his red ones. "Princess" "Y-Yes?" he closed his eyes,a slight pink now appearing on his own cheeks "I love you princess..." he then leaned down and kissed you. You stood there shocked 'What...the...hell...?' you thought
'You know,maybe you should kiss him,seeing that he said he loves you' suggested your brain.
'Oh! Right!' you exclaimed in your head as you pushed your lips to his. He smiled,he now knew that you loved him too,but he wanted you to say it. He broked that chaste kiss and asked "Do you love me?" You looked at him confused "You already know I do,Vlad" he chuckled "Yes,I know,but I want you to say it" you blushed eved more and smiled "I love you Vladimir,my prince" you whispered. He smirked and hugged you tightly "I already knew".

That day you and Vladimir started to date.

That was also the day when two pieces of expensive  red meat gone waste.
Well,well,well... this is my third one,I really did my best with this,it's a bit long,but I like it.

I'm sorry if there are any grammar errors.

I found the image on .

Oookay I said what I wanted to say,well,enjoy it! And please leave a comment,da? ^^
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